CPUSetter Help

System Stats

This window displays graphs of:

The window contains panes for each graph that can be resized (vertically) by clicking on the size control located between each of the panes.

Each pane can be collapsed by moving the control all the way to the adjacent pane.

The displayed font can be modified with the Format/Font menu.

The window is refreshed every second, each second being represented by 2 pixels on the horizontal axis of the graphs.

Expanding the window horizontally will show previous history.

Expanding the window vertically will proportionately resize each pane.

Clicking on a pane displays a small popover window that allows you to modify the color of each graph.

You can adjust the number of rows used to display individual CPUs with the Max CPU rows control in Preferences.

You can adjust the appearance and disable the grid lines of the window using the controls in Preferences

Each column also includes a dummy pane. You can collapse this pane or adjust it’s size to give yourself a more aesthetically pleasing layout.

You can display one of the graphs in the Dock (replacing the Application Icon). You select the graph to display from either the View/Dock Icon menu, or by right(control)-click on the CPUSetter icon in the Dock then selecting the type of Dock display that you want.


Load Average
Load Average measures the number of processes in the system run queue averaged over 1 minute, 5 minute and 15 minute intervals.
* 1 Minute load average - blue.
* 5 Minute load average - green.
* 15 Minute load average - red.



System Memory

Disk I/O

Display of Data rates or I/O rates can changed via the pull down menu at the top of the column.

Network I/O

System Fans

System Power Consumption

NB: M1 Macs do not report CPU and GPU power usage.

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